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Condo Values In Downtown San Jose, CA

Condo Values Downtown San Jose

Condo Values In Downtown San Jose

Did you know that the home prices in San Jose are down over 8% compared to this time last year? Even though home prices in this Silicon Valley city are dropping and staying on the market longer, the average median price is still over $1,000,000. This high cost of property combined with the rising cost of living has had many in the area turn to cheaper homes to live in, all while staying close to where they work and play. I am David Contreras with High Rise San Jose, a buyers agent with Coldwell Banker Realty. If you have been searching for a great place to live, I would like to discuss the condo values in Downtown San Jose, CA, and show you the available inventory that meets your requirements.

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With my twenty years of real estate experience, I have developed a team of real estate professionals versed in all of the luxury high rises, townhomes, and condos anywhere in Santa Clara County. We specialize in finding our clients luxury homes in high-rise developments that provide stunning views of the entire area, such as Axis, The 88, and Santana Row. Yet, we have accomplished hundreds of transactions throughout all of Silicon Valley. Downtown San Jose is a popular place to reside for many as living here positions them within walking distance of many great activities, shops, schools, parks, and restaurants that can be found in Downtown San Jose, such as San Pedro Square, HP Pavilion, Arena Green Park, and the Downtown Farmer's Market.

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I am David Contreras with High Rise San Jose and Coldwell Banker Realty. If you are an aspiring buyer looking to purchase anywhere in Santa Clara County, I want to discuss the condo values in Downtown San Jose, CA and show you your options. The condos for sale in downtown San Jose fluctuate tremendously depending on where you choose to live and the amenities of each location, such as parking, security, pools, spas, business centers, and other community-used features. When choosing to work with me as your buyer's agent, I will put a strategy in place, set expectations, show you all of the available inventory in your desired neighborhoods, and solidify a strong business relationship to ensure we navigate the process pleasantly and successfully. Call me directly so I can understand what you are looking to accomplish, or click the button below and access the available inventory of luxury high-rises, condos, and townhomes.